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Travel gifts and mementos that give back to local communities

We connect travellers with local craftmakers and artisans in the communities they visit. Travellers, bring home memories that give back. Find authentic, handcrafted travel gifts and mementos from the places you go or long to visit. Artisans, list your craft business with us; it’s free.


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The Vision

Our goal is to raise travelers’ awareness of the impact they can have on the communities they visit. Ultimately, we envision a more conscious connection between travelers and their local hosts; one that is mutually beneficial, restorative and empowering.

Join us in our mission to give back to the people who make the places we visit so memorable.

our story

inspired by Travel Gifts that evoke and empower

Zohst was inspired by the Travel Bug Candle Co, a company that handcrafts travel-themed candles. Stephanie shared their Antigua candle, and it sold out almost overnight. Buyers said that they couldn’t wait to relive their holiday through the scent, or enjoy it while anticipating an upcoming trip. The candle’s ability to evoke such emotion to a place gave us an idea. So, we went in search of other craftmakers like them.
Almost immediately, we realized that nearly every person handcrafting such items was a woman. And our mission was born. As we are both passionate about sustainability and women’s empowerment, Zohst emerged as a great opportunity to do something about it. Not only could we support local creators, we’d be helping more women on their path to self-empowerment.

about us

Zoe & Stephanie

We are small business owners and creators. Zoe is a shop owner and jewelry maker; Stephanie owns a hotel marketing company. As we live on an island that is largely dependent on tourism, we know the impact that tourism dollars can have on destinations like ours. So, we created Zohst as a place for travelers and local creators to connect. That way, we can help local artists and craftspeople empower themselves by keeping more of those tourism dollars in their local community.

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